Your rifle. Your way

Customize your rifle to fit your needs.


River's Bend Gun Company is a full service gunsmith and repair shop located in beautiful Weston, Missouri---We specialize in the manufacture and upgrade of  target, hunting and professional duty rifles.  We are pleased to serve residents of the the United States via delivery, and our local customers in the greater Kansas City area with walk-in shop hours. 

The Story of River's Bend

I founded River's Bend Gun Co in 2013, with the expressed purpose of creating  a customer-centered gunsmithing shop--I'm well aware that you see lots of folks saying the same thing--but I'll make you a believer if you call with any questions about a repair or upgrade! you'll talk with me, Jeff Hayes (owner) and you'll be able to get me on the line anytime we're open. If you're just getting started, we might have a chat about your requirements so we can get you squared way with the absolutely perfect rig. If you're a seasoned pro that just needs a new bolt knob and an adjustment on the trigger, it will be the most hassle-free service you've ever received. That's the way I would want it if I were in your shoes and  I hope you agree!